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Asir Selvasingh

Asir Selvasingh


Asir Selvasingh is a Principal Architect for Java on Microsoft Azure, on-point for everything developers and customers need to build, migrate, and scale Java applications on Azure. Asir started his software engineering career in the early days of Java - in 1995 with JDK 1, and built enterprise products, applications, and open-source projects for many years. He joined Microsoft in 2005 after several years as a Java Architect at webMethods. He has been leading the Java on Azure effort at Microsoft since its inception in 2009. He works closely with customer technical decision makers, business decision makers, and C-suite executives on strategies for application modernization and increasing developer velocity. Asir also works closely with the Java community, delivering sessions at Java conferences and fostering strategic relations that enrich the Java ecosystem. He is an author of two books – “Code, deploy and scale Java your way” [1] and “How to Choose the Right Azure Services for Your Applications – It’s Not A or B” [2]. He loves to hear from customers and developers and can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter.

[1] https://aka.ms/JavaYourWay [2] https://aka.ms/Not-A-or-B

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