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Adib SaikaliBroadcom

Adib Saikali

Asir SelvasinghMicrosoft

Asir Selvasingh

Make Coding Fun with Spring and Azure

Adib Saikali - Broadcom / Asir Selvasingh - Microsoft

Come see the ultimate way to combine Spring and Azure to make coding a blast! They are both amazing on their own. Put them together and you get developers who are over the moon, making cool apps that people love. However, navigating the vastness of Spring and Azure can be daunting. Learning them can be tough. Our talk is like a fast-forward button. We will show you the fastest ways to combine Spring and Azure. This means your coding is quick, your tests are smooth, your apps can grow and be intelligent (AI), and your design is solid. You will watch quick demos that highlight the top tricks for using Spring with Azure. And you will not leave empty-handed — you will get a git repo with the best Spring plus Azure setups, straight from the experts.

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