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Mauricio SalatinoDiagrid

Mauricio Salatino

Thomas VitaleSystematic

Thomas Vitale

Dapr and Spring Boot - Solving the Challenges of Distributed Systems

Mauricio Salatino - Diagrid / Thomas Vitale - Systematic

Imagine you are tasked to build the most straightforward application in a distributed system. How will your application consume external services? Which strategy will you use to ensure resilient interactions with other applications in the system? Will data consistency be guaranteed even when transactions cross application boundaries? Are you making your developer experience worse by dealing with all the complexity?

We’ve all been there. This session will demonstrate the combined power of Dapr and Spring Boot for handling the most common distributed application challenges. Dapr is an open-source, cloud-native project designed to decouple application concerns from the underlying infrastructure through convenient APIs, enabling developers to consume several capabilities without extra cognitive load.

Through live coding and hands-on demonstrations, Thomas and Mauricio will show how Dapr integrates with Spring Boot and helps you focus on writing the business logic rather than creating new solutions for recurring cloud-native patterns.

Developer experience will be paramount. It’s a promise: no YAML and no Kubernetes will be needed to develop your applications! Here’s the catch: once you’re done, your applications will run across different environments and configurations (such as Kubernetes or a cloud platform). They will integrate with other services in the system without any code change. Will we reach the goal? Join us and find out!

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