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Laurentiu MarinescuASML

Laurentiu Marinescu

Unveiling the path to Spring Boot 3 at the most important tech company you've never heard of

Laurentiu Marinescu - ASML

Let’s discover together the journey to migrate from Spring Boot 2.x to Spring Boot 3 in an environment where highly intensive processes depend on your platform. Of course, we want our services to run on latest tech available, but what are the steps to get there, considering your current applications technology stack.

In this talk, I’ll take you through the challenges encountered during the migration which required meticulous planning and smaller milestones to realize it. What makes it distinctive? Seamless rolling upgrades from version X to version Y within a fully air gapped setup where full automation and high availability are vital.

I will provide you hints and tips we have applied to leverage the latest features of Spring boot 3.

If you want to know more about ASML😊 or you are dealing with Spring/Spring Boot upgrades for your system in a large organization, then this talk is definitely for you.

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