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Dan DobrinGoogle

Dan Dobrin

Abdel SghiouarGoogle

Abdel Sghiouar

The Future of Java Performance in Serverless: Native Java, CRaC and Project Leydens

Dan Dobrin - Google / Abdel Sghiouar - Google

Applications typically run better on serverless platforms if they start fast, with instant peak performance and lower CPU/memory consumption. You’ll save on costs if the application needs less time and resources to run on, handle more requests with less CPU/memory and achieve better performance.

We love to use Java for its stability, performance and portability, however we all know that Java and its various web frameworks aren’t known for starting fast or not using a lot of resources.

Don’t worry, I’ll start exploring carefully how this all changes with three technologies geared towards improving Java app runtime efficiency in serverless environments.

  • Native Java Images, with GraalVM
  • JVM Checkpoint and Restore, with CRaC
  • Upcoming OpenJDK runtime efficiency project, Project Leyden
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