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Maximilian SchellhornAWS

Maximilian Schellhorn

Dennis KieselhorstAWS

Dennis Kieselhorst

Serverless Java with Spring

Maximilian Schellhorn - AWS / Dennis Kieselhorst - AWS

Serverless computing revolutionizes how we build and run applications by abstracting server management, delivering fine granular auto-scaling, and billing only for execution time. This enables developers to focus on code, not infrastructure. Join this talk to understand how you can build and deploy cloud-native and Serverless Spring applications. You will learn how to run already existing Spring Boot applications in a Serverless environment with the AWS Serverless Java container and its integration with the Spring ecosystem. You will also learn how-to develop new event-driven applications with Spring Cloud Function. We will also cover support for GraalVM native images, developer tooling and additional performance optimizations.

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