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Raphael De LioXebia

Raphael De Lio

AsyncAPI & Springwolf - Automated documentation (and more)

Raphael De Lio - Xebia

AsyncAPI is an open-source initiative that provides a specification to standardize the documentation of event-driven APIs, much like the OpenAPI specification does for REST APIs.

Springwolf, on the other hand, is a practical implementation of the AsyncAPI specification, specifically tailored for Spring Boot applications. It automates the process of documenting event-driven systems, ensuring that the documentation is always synchronized with the actual state of the application.

In this talk, we will focus on learning how Springwolf can help us design and maintain accurate, protocol-agnostic API documentation, automate the generation of AsyncAPI specifications, and provide clear insights into the interactions and functionalities of our event-driven systems, enhancing collaboration and understanding among developers.

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