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Trustin Heuiseung LeeLINE+

Trustin Heuiseung Lee

When Armeria Blooms in Spring (Boot)

Trustin Heuiseung Lee - LINE+

Building a service in production often resembles the daunting task of replacing an engine at 10,000 meters. How can we transition from Spring MVC to WebFlux or gRPC, or even allow them to coexist without outages? Should we keep additional servers until the migration is complete? Should we open an extra port? How do we manage the operational complexity involved? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, this talk might be for you.

In this talk, we’ll delve into Armeria, an alternative open-source HTTP engine for Spring Boot, which can significantly streamline the migration process of your Spring Boot application. We’ll examine Armeria’s capabilities as an HTTP engine, RPC framework, and more, demonstrating how it addresses various migration scenarios involving a wide range of technologies, including Spring MVC, WebFlux, gRPC, GraphQL, and WebSocket.

Whether you’re embarking on your microservices journey or looking to enhance existing Spring Boot applications, you’ll discover how Armeria can greatly simplify microservice architectures. Come discover how a touch of Armeria can make your Spring application bloom!

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