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Ronald DehuysserJobRunr

Ronald Dehuysser

The developer's guide to making money in the open-source galaxy

Ronald Dehuysser - JobRunr

Do you also dream about the 4-hour workweek? Ever wanted to go to Spring I/O without having to ask your boss for permission?

In this talk, I’ll share my personal story: the story behind JobRunr, an open-source distributed job scheduler that now pays my bills! I’ll explain why it makes sense to learn different programming languages, I’ll tell you all about the highs and the lows I encountered during the development of JobRunr, I’ll show you how open-source can be a marketing bliss and I’ll enlighten you with my plans for the future.

After this session, you will know whether being a full-time open-source developer is something for you, how you can find product market fit and how you can also become your own boss!

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