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Maksym TelepchukOcado Technology

Maksym Telepchuk

Spring Cloud AWS 3 upgrade and customisation for over 100 teams at Ocado Technology

Maksym Telepchuk - Ocado Technology

Modular libraries that leverage Spring Cloud AWS for more than 120 teams and 420 production applications make their integration with AWS and company-specific integrations easier. Spring Cloud AWS provides a convenient way to interact with AWS using well-known Spring idioms and API. Our libraries help integrate company-specific extensions on top of it in a seamless way.

Centralised upgrades and customisation mechanisms of Spring Cloud AWS at such a large scale benefit our users and also bring exciting challenges for us, the engineering team that manages these processes. In this session, we will cover some important aspects that you will find useful in similar circumstances:

  • Why use Spring Cloud AWS;
  • Improvements that the latest version of Spring Cloud AWS (v3) brings along;
  • Extending the Spring Cloud AWS and customisation with own domain-specific integrations;
  • Handling an upgrade for a large number of teams and applications with the processes of discovery, design, and release model;
  • Challenges that we have met, how we overcame them, and what conclusions were drawn.
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