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Jatin MakhijaDeutsche Telekom

Jatin Makhija

Revving up the good old Samaritan, Spring Boot Admin

Jatin Makhija - Deutsche Telekom

Delve into the potential of Spring Boot Admin and explore how ingeniously it can empower engineers to glean insights from their applications. Through Spring Boot Admin, we’ve not only pushed boundaries but also realized numerous success stories. In this discussion, I aim to dive into specific areas with live examples, shedding light on achievements, and insights gained & empowering the audience to experiment & hustle.

  • Application benchmarking with timeouts, TTLs, cache limits
  • Testing feature flags in a multi-channel, multi-tenant setup
  • Adjusting log levels on the fly, and debugging incidents has never been easy with the custom setup
  • Health checks and monitoring: Of course!
  • API-based access & controlling automation suites
  • Did I forget heap analysis & thread dumps, eh?
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