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Shardul Lavekar

Replay production traffic locally, and know what you are breaking! [Workshop]

Shardul Lavekar - Unlogged

A bug found in production can be up to 640 times more costly than one identified locally. The workshop aims to showcase a fully open-source framework to replay production traffic locally and identify breaking changes, instantly.

This workshop will delve into the alarming cost differentials associated with bugs found in production, compared to those identified during local development. Using real-world scenarios and industry insights, we’ll explore the financial and operational implications of not addressing bugs until they appear in live environments.

The workshop will provide effective strategies that go beyond the traditional unit and integration testing. From leveraging advanced debugging tools to using AI to replay production traffic locally, attendees will gain actionable insights into ensuring 0 production bugs. We will also discuss the role of continuous testing and how developers can shorten the feedback loop with minimal effort.

Participants will learn practical strategies that reduce the financial impact of production bugs and double the speed of feature releases.

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