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Badr Nass LahsenCYBERARK

Badr Nass Lahsen

OpenAPI 3 and Spring-Boot 3 - What's new?

Badr Nass Lahsen - CYBERARK

APIs play a central role in the evolution of business IT. Adopting an industrial approach is crucial. In this discussion, we will extensively explore springdoc-openapi.

With over 25 million monthly downloads, springdoc-openapi is a significant player in the OpenAPI landscape for spring applications. We will delve into how this project can expedite the adoption of APIs.

During this talk, we will deep dive into springdoc-openapi main functionalities:

  • Introduction to OpenAPI 3
  • What is the purpose of springdoc-openapi?
  • Integration with spring-web and spring-webflux
  • GraalVM native images support
  • Integration with Kotlin
  • Integration with actuator
  • Reuse Javadoc in REST APIs descritpion
  • Integration with spring HATEOAS and spring Data REST
  • Integration with spring-security and OAuth 2.0 - Example with spring–authorization-server
  • Multiple OpenAPI groups support
  • Integration with spring-cloud-function-web
  • Integration with spring-cloud-gateway in a microservices architecture
  • Integration with Kotlin / Groovy
  • Generation of the OpenAPI 3 documentation with gradle/maven
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