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Tommy LudwigBroadcom

Tommy Ludwig

Jonatan IvanovBroadcom

Jonatan Ivanov

Micrometer Mastery: Unleash Advanced Observability in your JVM Apps

Tommy Ludwig - Broadcom / Jonatan Ivanov - Broadcom

Is your application a black box? Is your current observability instrumentation not good enough? Do you want to add more to your metrics and distributed tracing? Join us and unlock the full potential of Micrometer and its cutting-edge observability features!

Dive into:

  • Micrometer Observation API: Instrument once and have multiple benefits out of it.
  • Observation Conventions: Instrumentation with standardized naming and tagging.
  • Automated Documentation: Effortlessly generate rich observability descriptions from your code.

We’ll showcase:

  • Practical code examples for instrumenting real-world applications.
  • Advanced techniques to extract deeper insights and troubleshoot issues faster.
  • Real-world use cases demonstrating the power of Micrometer’s observability toolkit.

Ready to elevate your observability game using the industry’s golden standard? This talk is your one-stop shop for Micrometer mastery!

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