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Dan DobrinGoogle

Dan Dobrin

Abdel SghiouarGoogle

Abdel Sghiouar

Java Apps for the Cloud workshop: Secure, High-Performance Deployment to Kubernetes and Serverless [Workshop]

Dan Dobrin - Google / Abdel Sghiouar - Google

This workshop is tailored for developers and IT professionals who aim to excel in deploying Java applications in cloud environments, focusing on security and performance. Participants will engage in a comprehensive, hands-on exploration of Java application creation and deployment, emphasising secure, efficient practices using Google Cloud as the primary platform.


  • Welcome and Intro to the workshop
  • Java Packaging options (Jar, Containers, CraC, Native)
  • Deploying to Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes vs Serverless
  • Software Security (SBOM, scanning..)
  • Google Cloud AI APIs Integrations
  • Building efficient, secure pipelines

Additional notes

Attendees of this workshop will leave with a robust understanding of deploying Java applications in cloud environments, particularly focusing on Google Cloud. They will gain practical experience in various deployment methods, understand the importance of security in the development lifecycle, and explore the impact of AI on development processes. By the end of the day, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions about architectural choices, security practices, and the use of AI in Java application deployment

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