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Joris KuipersTrifork

Joris Kuipers

It's all in the mix: producing production-ready apps with Spring Boot

Joris Kuipers - Trifork

You already know how to develop Spring Boot applications: implement web controllers, work with databases, integrate security and so on. But just like releasing a song doesn’t end with recording the individual instruments, there’s more to getting an application production-ready than implementing functional requirements. In this tips & tricks talk Joris will explain various aspects of “mixing and mastering” your applications for release. He’ll cover configuring metrics, tuning container image layers, supporting HTTP response caching headers, securing actuator endpoints incl. masking of exposed secrets, integrating custom auto-configuration with Boot’s own and many other topics. If you want to become a bootiful producer as well, then don’t miss out on this demo-packed presentation and let your application become a nr. 1 hit!

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