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Christian TzolovBroadcom

Christian Tzolov

Mark PollackBroadcom

Mark Pollack

Introducing Spring AI

Christian Tzolov - Broadcom / Mark Pollack - Broadcom

This session explores Spring AI, a new framework enabling Java developers to integrate AI seamlessly into enterprise applications. Spring AI was born from the realization that the AI/ML stack was becoming accessible to Java developers at large and no longer constrained to the traditional AI/ML community rooted mainly in the Python ecosystem.

In this talk, the Spring AI project leads will introduce you to the main AI concepts you need to know and how to start writing AI applications quickly. Spring AI provides many components required in creating an AI software stack and brings Spring’s traditional design principles, such as portability and modular design, to promote POJOs as the building blocks of an AI application.

This session will introduce many Spring AI features, starting with a portable client API to interact with AI models. You will learn how to create effective AI prompts, including using user-defined functions, and converting AI responses into POJOs.

Use cases like “query over your docs” are demonstrated by showcasing Spring AI features such as creating Embeddings and storing them in a Vector Database. Also, Spring AI provides a lightweight ETL framework that takes your documents and stores them in the Vector Database. The popular RAG pattern and ways you can effectively evaluate how your AI application is performing are discussed.

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