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Rossen StoyanchevBroadcom

Rossen Stoyanchev

GraphQL Java and Spring: The Latest Features

Rossen Stoyanchev - Broadcom

Spring for GraphQL 1.3 releases in May, 2024, just days before the Spring I/O conference, and less than a month after GraphQL Java 22. There are plenty of new features and themes to digest on both sides.

From GraphQL Java, expect support for incremental delivery with defer and stream directives, oneOf input types where exactly one field is set and others are omitted, request execution insight, schema diffing, and more.

From Spring for GraphQL, expect the GraphQlClient revisited for blocking vs non-blocking execution, new SSE transports based on the GraphQL over HTTP RFC, EntityMapping controller methods for federated schema types, integration with DGS code generation, and more. In addition, the Spring and DGS teams have collaborated on a common foundation for both projects.

This talk will shed light on the latest developments to help you make sense and understand how to use them to make your applications better.

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