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Alina YurenkoOracle Labs

Alina Yurenko

Going AOT: Everything you need to know about GraalVM for Java applications

Alina Yurenko - Oracle Labs

In the past few years GraalVM got widely adopted by the Java ecosystem, and even more more since Native Image becoming officially supported since Spring Boot 3.0. Now it’s hard to imagine starting a new project, especially for the cloud, without at least considering going native. However, taking a new technology to production requires research and preparation. What is the best way to build and deploy such native executables? Once deployed, how can I monitor them? Can I test them as I do with regular Java applications? What if startup is less important, how do I optimize for peak performance and latency? How do I use 3rd-party libraries? In this session, we’ll go through all those aspects and illustrate them with demos.

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