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Tim te BeekModerne

Tim te Beek

Fundamentals of Migration Engineering with OpenRewrite [Workshop]

Tim te Beek - Moderne

How adaptable is your technology stack to changes in business requirements, technological advancements, and the availability of new and better tools (and avoiding vendor lock-in!)?

When you can more easily secure, upgrade, move, or modernize your code, that means you can adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in technology and markets. That’s what Migration Engineering is all about, which we’ll be exploring in this workshop.

We’ll discuss and demonstrate how to write custom recipes using OpenRewrite, an open source auto-refactoring tool, to study and analyze your code before planning migration and modernization efforts—and then automate code changes for your teams.

You’ll also learn how to write recipes that will automate code search and transformation actions that are custom to your organization. We will assemble these recipes with the visitor pattern, show how to stitch recipes together with YAML, with Refaster-style templates, with Semgrep matchers, etc.

This is a comprehensive look at all kinds of recipe development. You will come away fully equipped to plan and exercise large scale code transformations in your organization.

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