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Rafael PonteZup Innovation

Rafael Ponte

Distributed Scheduling with Spring Boot: the challenges & pitfalls of implementing a background job

Rafael Ponte - Zup Innovation

Sooner or later a developer will implement his/her first background job using Java and Spring Boot, and what usually is a simple task for the majority of systems might become a nightmare in scenarios that need to deal with high performance, parallelism, distributed systems and a large volume of data. Scenarios like those hide several issues which many developers are not used to, such as large volumes of data, network failures, data inconsistency, out-of-memory errors and even taking the whole system down.

Although it seems controversial, dealing with many of these problems does not require hype technologies or services, but solid distributed systems fundamentals. This talk will present how an experienced developer implements a background job with Java and Spring Boot taking into consideration the main challenges and pitfalls it brings along, and how he/she designs a solution for high-performance, resilience and horizontal scalability at the same time he/she takes advantage of many modules of Spring Boot, Hibernate and the relational database.

If you still believe that a background job is a simple task, so this talk is for you!

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